Field Dressing a Deer About a Minute

"This is a 'must see' video for any deer hunter!" – Ken Milam, host of The Great Outdoors

Field dressing a deer is one of the most important parts of the hunt. Gutting deer properly is what makes the difference between just another deer hunt, and bringing great venison home to enjoy. Learn how to field dress deer in a quick, efficient, and meat and cape saving way.

Learning how to dress a deer properly requires some patience and the proper tools. However, most hunters use more equipment, and expend a lot more effort than is required.

Robert Griffith is a second generation taxidermist and a lifelong avid deer hunter. He teaches how to field dress deer using a technique that is not only easier and faster, but yields more quality meat than traditional techniques for gutting deer.

field-dressing-a-deer-07; taking down a deer in a hunt Robert began hunting just about as soon as he could lift a rifle.

As a young man, he worked in the family taxidermy shop and today, he and his wife Kathy run their own successful taxidermy business processing more than five thousand pounds of meat each season.

Because of his passion for hunting and his love of the outdoors he's become somewhat of an expert on game and game hunting.

One special thing he's learned, and is happy to teach to other hunters, is a time-saving technique for field dressing a deer that takes just about a minute. Amazingly, he does it with one small knife.

It's a technique that doesn't require any other expensive equipment, can be applied by men, women, and younger hunters alike, and preserves the meat and the cape better than other techniques.

In the DVD How to Field Dress a Deer in About a Minute, you can learn how to dress deer in less time. The most amazing thing about Robert's technique, though, is that you can field dress your deer using just one tool. And this is it:

Robert Griffith - How to Field Dress a Deer in About a Minute I know that this seems hard to believe but I've seen it done.

Larger animals take a bit more time to dress, but Robert can field dress a small black buck antelope in even less time.

Now, keep in mind that, at first, field dressing a deer will take you longer than it takes Robert.

For one thing you'll need to be very careful with your knife. But you can learn over time - lots of people have - and you'll certainly save lots of time over the old deer hoist method right off the bat.

You can buy the DVD How to Field Dress a Deer in About a Minute and learn Robert's innovative technique for field dressing a deer below. I highly recommend it for ANY hunter. I don't care if you've never field dressed a deer, or if you've been doing it the same way, using a deer hoist, your whole life.

And, oh yeah, you CAN use this same gutting deer technique for field dressing game of all kinds!

Forget spending half an hour or more and using tons of expensive equipment. Throw away the saws and the loppers and the deer gutting stands. Learn how to save more good meat for the processor, use less energy, and most importantly, learn how to field dress about a minute.

DVD - how to field dress deer in about a minute

DVD Only – $14.95

field-dressing-a-deer-04; knife for gutting deer

Knife and Sheath – $19.95

field-dressing-a-deer-05; gutting deer knife + field-dressing-a-deer-06; gutting deer knife

Combo – DVD, with Knife and Sheath
– $33.95

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